A tattoo is a form of self-expression that not many people understand. At times it creates a lot of negative impressions like being dirty or sometimes individuals sporting tattoos are mistaken to be bad elements in the society. We all have our own freedom of expression, and it cannot be denied that tattoos can be considered as a masterpiece because it is a form of art; though for only a few people these days.

For as long as an individual doesn’t violate or go against the rules, having a tattoo is just fine like other forms of expressing personality, not to mention, those having piercings in their bodies. The whole idea deserves some amount of understanding and or empathy or respect. We cannot directly intrude or meddle with the affairs of the society because it will just create misunderstanding, and later chaos so to speak.

Artists from Gold Coast tattoo have understood their role why they encourage other people to go to their shops and have a tattoo that they like. More often, customers just walk-in and request that they’d be marked with something from the brochure or just plainly request for their own customised design.

Have you been planning to mark your body with a crouching tiger and or a colourful butterfly? If so, you need to know about some relevant information about getting a tattoo directly from the artists in Gold Coast. To begin with, here are some set of questions and answers that will clear your head of any uncertainty or doubt.

What ingredients are in a tattoo ink?

Titanium oxide, black carbon, ash, nickel, iron oxides, chromium, and lead are a few of the components in the manufacture of the tattoo ink. Pigments, on the other hand, are made from automobile paint like acrylic and some industrial grade materials.

Do tattoos contain metal?

The answer is yes. A few heavy metals from the periodic table are included in the creation of a tattoo. Some of these are lead, cobalt and nickel, arsenic, chromium, beryllium, and antimony. These metals can sometimes create skin reactions to some people.

What are the materials used to get a tattoo?

The traditional tattoo is done manually by an artist. Today, there are new innovations helping tattoo artists to come up with a masterpiece in the human skin. The use of tattoo machines makes it easier for tattoo artists to puncture the skin using a special needle and manually place the ink and pigments by hand on the design preferred by the customer. Though the traditional process of tattooing is still being used currently by tattoo artists, the majority of professional tattoo artists use the tattoo machine for a cleaner and bright finish.

What happens during a tattoo session?

The primary objective of getting a tattoo is for the indelible ink to permanently settle on the human skin. For this to be possible, the needle must puncture the dermis or the innermost part of the skin where the nerves and the blood vessels are situated. Normally, blood would flow out of the punctures because little piercings are made during the whole process.

Why is witch hazel vital after a tattoo session?

The said ingredient is traditionally used to disinfect and cleanse scrapes and wounds whether big or small. After you get a tattoo, tattoo artists apply it right away to prevent the onset of inflammation and to avoid the spread of germs or bacteria on the punctured parts of your skin.