Coaching to Win

Coaching is goal oriented. It is impossible to perform a task without a key target. The main objective of sports coaching is to lead the team all the way to victory in a competition. The success of a coach is counted by the number of wins he or she has led the team to. However, a winning streak is not the task of a single individual. There must coexist a mutual relationship between the coach and the athlete. Psychological and physical development of athletes is greatly influenced by the coaching effort.

Environment for Learning

Enabling attainment of maximum and peak performance levels is the key obligation of the coach. Coaches, therefore, establish the right environment for learning by motivating the players. A successful coach is aimed at winning, giving a history of prominent player performance. Motivation impacts in the sporting environment greatly. Motivated people chase distinction and excellence in all circumstances. Goal setting in all tasks and making new achievements is the secret to winning.

Coach as Role Model

Coaches together with the players should purpose to incorporate boldness in all their day to day tasks. The coach can enhance the attitude of the trainees by starting with simple exercises in which the coach will determine the perception of the athlete in a certain field. To win, the coach must incorporate drill activities. The coach first demonstrates the skill, discusses the importance of the drill, and answers any questions that come, demonstrates the second time, and then it is the trainees’ time to try. The coach will then have the duty to observe the array of perceptions and behaviors from the athletes as they practice the drill several times. Coaching is quite challenging. The coach has to observe every detail in the exercise, including the athletes who performed the challenge correctly and did something extra as well. This is examining the motivation of trainees who performed the drill to their best, who set an extra goal and worked hard towards achieving it.

Goal Setting

The coach should train the players to get committed to activities they need. The key to success and motivation of the athletes is goal setting. Coaches set peak performance goals which, thorough practice, the athletes can achieve. Everyone just wants to win instead of concentrating and focusing on the set goal. Successful people depend on target setting and working hard to triumph over their set goals as well.

Once in the field of practice, the coach will give an exercise. Besides the given goal, the coach has to identify athletes who set extra targets on the basis of their attitude, confidence, aptitude, and also experience. During training, the coach will have the attitude of ‘let it happen’ but when it comes to the actual rivalry, the attitude changes to ‘make it happen’. Skills, belief, and confidence are developed on a daily basis. Coaches who succeed in high-performance training know that winning is not an option, but comes automatically.