Bulging discs can go undetected for a number of years. People are surprised to find that they have been suffering from it for a number of years. The pain only occurs when the disc starts pressing onto the nearby nerves. The nerves which are affected than cause pain in the legs, arms or the back depending on where those nerves extend too. Pain doesn’t need to be chronic, it can come and go for years. Sometimes worsening and other times abating completely. Certain movements might cause the pain to worsen until a person might need to seek bulging disc therapy.

Bulging discs can be treated by the help of simple exercises which can help align the back. Physical therapists can carry out a series of carefully planned treatments which can reduce the inflammation and cause less stress on the nearby nerves thereby lessening the pain to quite an extent. The key is to maintain a correct posture, use treatment which helps the spine to become properly aligned and few diet and lifestyle changes.

Usually incorrect alignment of the spine is the major cause of a bulging disc. This incorrect alignment can cause the inner nucleus of the disc to slip forwards and backwards thus causing a bulge. Exercises which strengthen the back can help align the spine and allow the vertebrae to slip back into their original position.

You may be suggested any of the following exercises

  • Muscle strengthening exercises to reduce the gap between the vertebrae
  • Balancing exercises to strengthen the spine
  • Physical therapy including massages and electrical stimulation would also be suggested.

Also you might be suggested a certain diet plan which helps you lose weight. Sufficient weight los can also help get rid of pain in the back and lower back.

The body needs appropriate nutrients which can help strengthen the immune system. You might be suggested to take supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin because these can help reduce disc degeneration. These supplements are known to promote bone healing and improve cartilage formation. Other supplements such as calcium, magnesium and other vitamins are crucial for good bone and spinal health.

If you feel you could be suffering from bulging disc, you should keep a close eye on the symptoms. Often symptoms resolve within six to eight weeks by simple rest and usual pain killers. However if symptoms persist you might need to visit a chiropractor or a physical therapist. The pain medications are only intended to provide temporary relief from the pain until and unless the underlying cause is not treated it would be difficult to completely overcome the pain.

Proper chiropractic care and spinal decompression therapy can help treat the root cause of the symptoms. Chiropractors practice holistic approach which treats the misalignment of the spine. They may use manual adjustments which can help the disc return to their original position. Some patients report a market improvement in pain after one or two sessions only.

For more information on bulging disc therapy make sure you talk to the nearest chiropractor.