Finding a good primary care doctor is essential. After all they are the most significant health care professionals for you and your loved ones. It may sound easy to simply pick a name from the insurance list but do keep the following tips in mind for a better option. Read on to the see the experts tips provided by the professionals at Berserker Medical Centre.

  • Always consider the location. It’s important because in case you are sick or a family member is sick you don’t want to make a journey of more then an hour to reach the doctor. After that journey you might have to wait your turn for the appointment as well. On the other hand a doctor which is nearer to home is always a better option. You don’t have to worry about the commute and if it’s a small emergency you know you could always reach on time.
  • When choosing a primary care doctor get to know whether they are specializing in family medicine or internal medicine. Both these are different disciplines and require different subjects of study. Family doctors care for patients of all ages. They can help with pre natal checkups, pediatric, adult and geriatric care. On the other hand doctors who specialize in internal medicine, care for adult patients who are over eighteen years of age.

  • Family doctors are more focused on disease prevention whereas doctors who practice internal medicine often have a sub specialty which they practice. So if you have a particular health problem you might consult a doctor who would be able to attend to your needs.
  • When selecting a primary care doctor make sure they have the time to provide you with quality care. You may not be comfortable going to a doctor who has a schedule which might land you an appointment after three or four weeks. This is because sometimes waiting is just not an option. Choose a health care provider who can see you at your convenience.
  • Have a look at the other staff as well. A receptionist at the doctor would clue you in how you are going to be treated every time you show up at the medical Centre. Keep an eye out for staff who is friendly and helpful. Or if you find the receptionist to be cold and rude you might want to consider another facility.
  • Make sure you go to a doctor with whom you feel a certain comfort level. Since you would be sharing your medical history and all those intimate details, it’s necessary you find someone you are comfortable with.
  • Also when you have an appointment you need to make sure your doctor isn’t making you feel rushed. They should be able to answer your queries and also help put you at ease. The right doctor would make sure that they foster a good patient and doctor relationship. Their patient should be comfortable disclosing their problems to them.

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