An overall first good impression is with the man with a great haircut. And that great haircut is courtesy of a great barber.

In the past, barbershops were places men go to not only to get a haircut but to know what’s happening around the area and the world. That no longer holds water today with the internet.

Technology has also affected changes in the identities of barbershops. Gone were the vintage and small-time barbershops with huge franchise chains as the new version. With barbershop franchises, men’s haircuts have become cheaper.

Yet, finding a barber you can entrust your hair is not easy, but not impossible either. In Brisbane, men’s barber Brisbane offers excellent haircut services that cannot be matched by hair salons.

Generally, men prefer to have their hair cut by a barber. Hair salons may provide a range of hairstyles but would prove inadequate to meet other haircut requirements of men such as fade or military cut.

Other than the haircut, barbers put in extras such as a beard or eyebrow trim and the legendary straight razor shave with warm lather.

Barbershop services have also evolved. Some of the main services offered by most barbershops and barbers nowadays include:

Permanent Hair Colour

Men who want to change their hair colour or are experiencing gray hairs can now avail of permanent hair colour services from a barber. The removal of all the gray colour or changing the colour of your hair is a relaxing 30-minute add-on experience and service provided by barbershops.

Master Cut

The master cut is the foremost benefit provided for men. A master cut is considered as the perfect way of achieving the best haircut and styling. The technique also offers men the chance to try out other flattering and trendy hairstyles.


A busy lifestyle can often prevent men from getting a full haircut. Barbers understand this predicament and come up with a solution called the shape-up service. Opting for this service means using a straight razor to clean and shape hair around the neck and ears. Doing it this way achieves a cleaner and spiffy look for men even without going through a full haircut.

Hot Shave

Hot shaves are must-have experiences men only get from barbers. This legendary experience takes 30 minutes of pure bliss involving a hot towel and a straight-edge razor.

Barbershops make it a point to use only top-quality shaving products to prevent allergic reactions. A warm shave is considered the height of indulgence only barbers are capable of providing.

Achieve the perfect haircut

The perfect haircut just as you like it to be is a service a good barber can do. Feeling and looking great are the things barbers and barbershops want to provide for all men that walk in their doors.

Hospitable and relaxing atmosphere

A shop catering solely to men is what a barber and barbershop are all about. Men feel instantly relaxed and comfortable when they enter an all-male establishment to have their hair cut or styled. The warm camaraderie between a barber and his client is quickly established when a barber achieves the preferred look and cut.

Barbers and barbershops always want to make their clients happy every time they leave. Blackwood Barbers specialise in mens haircuts. They want to make a customer feel brand-new every time they drop by.