First aid is the first and instant assistance given to any person suffering from a serious illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery.

Everyone should get First Aid Training. You will gain strong confidence and knowledge to be able to respond quickly and safely in any type of emergency. When you do a first aid training, you will learn to treat injuries such as burns, cuts, head injuries, and broken bones. But what first aid courses are available for you to take?

At Melbourne First Aid they offer all type of courses in CPR Training, First Aid, Child Care, and Anaphylaxis & Asthma. The First Aid Training does include the HLTAID003 Course, also known as Level 2 or Senior First Aid. All of the courses at Melbourne First Aid do require a complete online theory before attending the class. This does not include the 3-hour CPR course or the 8-hour First.

First Aid Courses

3-Hour Express First Aid (plus pre-course online theory)

Total course time: 3.25 (includes pre-course registration)

Pricing: $99-$109

The 3-Hour Express First Aid course is one of the most popular courses and can be described as fast-paced. It is designed specifically for any returning clients or health care/ child care professionals. In this course, you will learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid at the workplace, basic anatomy/physiology, basic care for wounds, administering an EpiPen/Asthma medication and many other procedures.

5-Hour Regular First Aid (plus pre-course online theory)

Total course time: 5.75 (includes 30-minute lunch break), 3-8 hours for multiple choice questions.

Price: $60-$99

The 5-Hour Regular First Aid course is a very standard course, most workplaces require their employees to take this course before working, In this course you will learn about potential work hazards and how to prevent them, first aid at the workplace, basic anatomy/physiology, chain of survival, stress-management techniques, and many other procedures.

7-Hour Advanced First Aid (plus pre-course online theory)

Total course time: 7.75 (includes pre-course online theory and meal break/s)

Price: $210-$220

The 7-Hour Advanced First Aid course is usually taken by those who have the knowledge to possibly work in a health professional field or as a WHS Officer (Workplace Health and Safety Officer). In this course you will learn how to properly control and manage a first aid situation in a community or workplace, state regulations/first aid codes, you will learn the basic knowledge of CPR, bag-valve-mask ventilation (2 rescuer procedure), using an AED, assessed vital signs, and many other procedures.

8-Hour Full Length First Aid (No Pre-Course Theory)

Total course time: 8.75 (includes pre-course registration and meal break/s)

Price: $150-$170

The 8-Hour Full-length First Aid course is required by all workplaces (this was previously known as level 2 or Senior First Aid) while doing this course you may also be required to do a yearly CPR renewal training. In this course you will learn defibrillation, first aid at the workplace, privacy and confidentiality requirements, first aid procedures for allergic reactions, burns, choking and airway obstructions, and dislocation, infection control principles and procedures, and many other procedures.

There is so much you can learn from these First Aid courses and at such a low price. It might seem like it will take forever to learn all the procedures, but you will be gaining something better, the knowledge to do something absolutely great; saving a life.