Beauty therapists or cosmetologists can earn a diploma or degree or associate’s degree through community colleges or vocational training centres. The duration of study varies from college to college but on average, a diploma course in beauty therapy lasts two years. A typical diploma course entails practical sessions and theory sessions. Some of the units covered in a beauty therapy diploma coursework include; facial treatments, pedicure, manicure, day and night makeups, depilation, and massages.

Students pursuing a diploma in beauty therapy course also get lectures on marketing skills, public relations, and social ethics. In applied science in cosmetology, students can apply what they learned in college in real life. They are required, for example, to undertake a study in a spa, or salon lab as a fulfilment for the award.

Core subjects to be done in beauty therapy diploma course

The following are core subjects that participants must complete before graduating from the program:

  • Mask treatments and deep cleansing
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting
  • Facial massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage techniques
  • Shampooing and scalp therapy
  • Hairdressing and styling
  • Hair colouring
  • Sterilization and sanitization
  • Nail techniques

The takeaway for a beauty therapist

According to statistics, the median salary for people working in spas, salons, and other cosmetic outlets is expected to drop by one percent in the coming years. The drop in the median salary for this industry is due to many people joining the industry. But many people in the industry are entrepreneurs and can make even more money than those employed. Many people today know that this is a booming industry and many people are more alienated from other courses than their counterparts. To date, the industry has been regulated and bodies founded to regulate the industry, therefore, attracting more people to join beauty therapy training.

What you can do with a diploma in beauty therapy

If you are creative, outgoing, social, and obsessed with everything about skin and hair, a diploma of beauty therapy Adelaide is the perfect field for you to study. But knowing the area of study to specialize in the beauty industry can be overwhelming. This industry holds an array of pathways to choose from that will determine what you become in the end. Here are a few specialty areas to choose from when studying in the beauty industry:

Beauty therapist: it might seem obvious, but this specialty area can be a stand-alone area of specialty in the beauty industry. It encompasses a wider range of treatments to the face and the skin. They include make-up application, waxing, skin beautifying to name just but a few.

Esthetician: it is more like a beauty therapist but it focuses more on the skin and its appearance. These people have a deeper knowledge of the skin and the endoderm. They are more dermatologists than beauty therapy. Further studies in this specialty area will lead you to become a dermal therapist.

Massage therapist: this is a specialist who performs body relaxing massage to a client. The core function of a massage therapist is to meet people and help them relax their bodies through massage techniques.

Hairdresser: this is another career stemming from the beauty industry where they specialize in hairstyling and applying different haircut styles. People in this specialty area work in salons. Many people in this industry start as apprenticeships and finally end up as salon or spa owners because the industry is growing fast.