Reduce Pain

Back pain can result from injury, spinal abnormalities, degenerative conditions and even poor posture – all of which can prevent you from backing your inner athlete.


      • Back pain is the third most common reason for taking time off work.3
      • Work-related activities, including lifting heavy weights, bending and twisting and even working in the same position for extended periods can contribute to lower back problems.4
      • Parents of young children are at risk of back problems due to lifting and twisting while carrying children.
      • Children are not immune to back problems.
      • DIY and gardening can have an impact by placing stress on the back.
      • In older people, postural issues can effect everyday activities.
      • Chronic back pain can lead to a range of health issues including reduced mobility, quality of life, longevity and depression.
      • Neck pain is the second most common reason patients seek chiropractic care and is a leading cause of disability.  Neck pain can be caused by degenerative conditions, poor posture, stress, poor hydration and bad sleeping conditions.


Due to the nature of the pain and its causes, a holistic approach is needed in most cases to re-educate and adjust the body to reignite that inner athlete.  Chiropractors are trained and knowledgeable professionals who use skill - not force or strength - to conduct adjustments that address the cause instead of simply treating a symptom.  Chiropractic care is individually based: discuss your specific needs with your chiropractor.

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