A certain level of understanding is needed when shopping in a wig shop in Sydney. Like picking out a diamond, entering a wig shop presents human hair wigs, lace front wigs, synthetic wigs, and other kinds of wig-like hairpieces.

There are many reasons to wear wigs. Hair loss can be hidden by wearing a wig. It is also a cheaper option than having hair extension installations or undergoing surgery to restore hair.

Wigs are common hairpieces for people with cancer. A wig can also be seen as part of a woman’s accessory to match or change their style and look. Wigs are also commonly worn by actors to fit their portrayed characters.

Human Hair Wigs versus Synthetic Hair Wigs

Depending on the situation and occasion, human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs can make all the difference and choice. Both types of wigs are great choices depending on budget and needs.

Human Hair Wigs

The most natural look and feel is the distinct advantage provided by human hair wigs. The shine and soft movement provided by this type of wig cannot be matched by any form of a synthetic wig.

Versatility is another benefit provided by human wigs. This means that they can be styled and cut according to preferred taste. They may be more expensive than synthetic wigs, but, with proper care, more durable. Human hair wigs are less likely to tangle because the hair cuticles all run in the same direction.

Four types of human hair wigs are generally used, to include:

  • European hair is considered the most sought-after because of its fine denier. However, it is also the most expensive type of human hair because of the limited supply.
  • Chinese hair has a thicker denier and extremely straight. It is quite difficult to style because of its high resistance to curling.
  • Indonesian hair is the most inexpensive type of human hair. The cheaper price is due to its great abundance in the market.
  • Indian hair is almost similar to European hair with its thin denier. However, Indian hair has a bit more texture compared to European hair.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

A lot of improvement has happened to synthetic hair wigs because of the numerous technological advancements. These technologies have helped to make synthetic hair wigs look so authentic that only a trained eye can see the difference.

A high-quality synthetic hair wig can look like the real thing to an untrained eye. The foremost advantage synthetic hair wig has over human hair wig is style versatility. This means that they can be worn right after the purchase with little to non-styling at all.

The synthetic hair wig can achieve its original hairstyle with little effort. It is because of the component of the hair fibres that been “set” for volume, curls, and waves.

Bad hair days do not affect synthetic hair wigs. Bad weather will not create drooping or frizzing as that of human hair wigs.

The great demand for synthetic hair wigs has escalated today. It is because if the great availability of colours and hairstyles.

Purchasing the right hair wig means more than that choice between a human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig. Choose Sydney wigs by Cheveux because they are the right hair wig for your needs and budget.